5 Little and Easy Ways to Find the Real Vs Fake Diamond

Every girl likes diamond. Do you know diamonds are considered as girl’s best friend. As like as their friends, there are also fake as well as real diamonds. With all imitation diamond jewelry in the market today, it is wiser to know about few helpful hints about how to determine real vs. fake diamond. Let us see that,

  • Take a piece of printed paper and place the diamond on the top it. If you’re diamond is fake stone, you can see the print of the paper through the top of the diamond stone.
  • Next, just hold up the diamond stone up to the light, if the diamond is real it reflects white light, if your diamond is the fake one, it reflects the spectrum of colors.
  • Even if you’ve doubt in your diamond, you can undergo fog test. Diamonds doesn’t hold any moisture but other stones can. So to find whether your diamond is fake or real, just breathe in your diamond stone. If your diamond is real, breathe doesn’t fog up on the diamond stone. Try it for up to three times and check whether the diamond is real or fake.
  • Apart from the above steps, you can also use magnifying lens to find out whether the diamond stones are fake or real. By using magnifying lens you can clearly find out the cuttings, setting and faucets of the diamond stone.
  • If you can’t able to go around for all these steps, shop for diamond stone from the certified diamond dealer. Visit a reputed jewelry store, usually jewelers have the way to test the molecular structure of the diamond and determine whether it is real or fake.

These are the few simple and easy tricks to find whether you’re diamond stones are real or fake. Choose the best diamond ring with real stone and express your love to your beloved one.