6 Different Types of Diamond Settings

We all like diamonds. Diamonds are considered as the symbol of pure love and commitment. While engagement or wedding, bride and bride groom exchange their wedding ring as the start of their life. A perfect diamond setting will enhance the beauty of the jewelry. Let us see the different settings of diamond.

  • Prong settings: These diamond settings are most popular because of its design, and style. In this design, the diamond stone is held by two or more distinct claws. It makes the diamond to look bigger and prettier.
  • Pressure settings: In this setting, more than 8 diamonds are clubbed together in order to give an impression of a round solitaire.
  • Invisible settings: In these settings, diamonds are clubbed very close to each other with no metal showing between them. This is used to create an illusion between the diamonds.
  • Pave settings: In these settings the diamonds are set within the band with the help of grains which are pulled up from the metal. Usually Americans like this kind of diamond rings. These diamonds are rhodium plated to enhance the look of the diamond ring.
  • Channel settings: This setting is often used in mounting a row of uniform sized diamond stones in a row. It is designed in such a way like diamonds flow in continuous basis and there is no metal to separate them. This kind of diamond rings is more expensive. These rings are most often liked by girls because of its sparkling and gorgeous look.

These are the few popular kinds of diamond ring settings. Choose the best rings for your bride to express you everlasting true love.