Choosing Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are almost exclusively reserved for very special occasions – from engagements through to diamond wedding anniversaries. Indeed the diamond is considered top of the pile when it comes to precious stones, for its unrivalled beauty and impressive clarity. Unfortunately for the diamond ring buyer, there is literally no way of knowing whether the ring you’re about to purchase for a couple of thousand dollars is what your partner wants and, more importantly, is of suitable quality for the price you pay. Sure, the jeweller may tell you you’re getting a good deal, but how can you really know you’ve chosen your diamond ring well?

Finding The Band
A ring is composed of two general components – the band and the stones. Fairly obviously, the band is the metal that wraps around the finger and houses the stones, which provide the glamour and sparkle to any ring. The band is often treated as a secondary consideration to the stones but is nevertheless very important in augmenting the appearance of the ring and in making the ring a desirable object. The most popular bands available are gold, white gold, platinum and silver, although the latter is very much ‘out of fashion’ at the moment.

The Stones
The stones really are the crowing glory of any ring. When it comes down to it, diamond rings are usually considered most desirable, although this is down to your individual tastes, despite the fact that diamonds themselves vary dramatically in size, colour and clarity. The key thing to looks for in any diamond is how clear it is to look through. Diamonds with imperfections and flaws will be much cheaper, but will nevertheless only be detectable on close scrutiny as anything less than perfect. What this means is that buying a diamond with a number of flaws may work out cheaper when it comes to pricing the ring. Of course perfect diamonds are very rare, but by making it clear that diamond quality is not your number one priority, you can achieve a substantial cost saving without giving cause for any negative aesthetic properties in your stone.

Key Factors
* diamond clarity – do you care? It could just save you a pretty penny
* band metal – what does your partner prefer?
* band style – elegant and plain or brash and stylish?