Consider these Factors to Convert Your Gold and Silver Jewelry into Cold, Hard Cash

Gold has always been the ‘go to’ investment, and Silver has long been called the ‘poor man’s gold!’ Did you know a 2019 poll by interactive investor shows one-third of investors expect the FTSE 100 index to see either negative or flat growth this year? Investors who are worried about the instability that may come can hedge their bets with gold. Even during times of financial stress, gold remains one of the most valued currencies around the globe.

So, digging through your jewelry box is the right place to start when you need a little extra cash. But, before selling your to gold or silver jewelry to the gold buyers in Tacoma, you must ensure what you get back in cash is worth parting with jewelry that often represents cherished memories. Here are a few considerations to get the best price for your precious metal.

Don’t Expect Too Much

Before selling your jewelry, it is essential to ground your expectations in reality. The heirloom necklace you have just decided to sell might have belonged to your great grandmother. But, to the gold and silver coins buyers in Tacoma, it’s just a necklace. So, before searching for ‘sell scrap gold near me,’ you must carefully evaluate every piece of jewelry you are looking to sell. Some of the ideal pieces of jewelry you can consider selling includes broken items, earrings with a missing pair, or old items with no emotional meaning.

Condition of the Jewelry

The condition of your gold or silver jewelry is a major deciding factor of the price you receive for your jewelry. Damaged and broken jewelry many times justify the restoration costs, but most of the time, damaged jewelry is only valued at its intrinsic worth. If you are selling worn out jewelry, it impacts the value as it is valued at its intrinsic worth.

Evaluate Its Value

According to a recent research report, the appraisal is a perfect time to ask questions about selling your piece in different markets and under certain circumstances. Get a detailed estimate of your gold or silver jewelry that you intend to sell. This helps you to sell the jewelry pieces for more cash than you expect.

Know Your Gold

The gold jewelry you hold is not made from pure gold. Most jewelry in the United States is 10-, 14- or 18-karat gold that is comprised of gold and other alloys. So, the damaged gold buyers in Tacoma only pay for the parts that are pure gold.

Once you determine the value of your gold, look out for a reputable business that buys gold and silver jewelry at the best rates. Moreover, check that they have a license to buy gold and silver jewelry in Tacoma. Sell your jewelry with them only if you are satisfied with their quality of service and estimate value. Visit for more information.