Diamond Purchase: Some Basic Knowledge

It is said that, a diamond is a woman’s best friend, and when it comes as a gift then it becomes much more precious. But not only women even men too like indulging in diamond studded accessory. It is not a simple jewelry buy, but a possession which is cherished life long. And so the buying of the right kind of diamond becomes very important.

There are more than 13 points which one needs  to consider while buying a diamond but you can still have a great diamond considering only 4 C’s which are- cut, clarity, color and caret weight.

The Cut of the diamond means how well the diamond has been shaped and chiseled. It includes the polish and the finishing which makes the diamond shine. There are different kinds of diamond cuts -round, pear, oval, emerald, marquise, princess, radiant and heart-shaped .Ask for the table percentage and the depth percentage of the diamond you have selected.

As for the color, the most costly diamonds are colorless. It should be crystal clear. But nowadays people also prefer colored ones, like diamonds with pink and yellow hues.

The third C, clarity, differs from one diamond to another. There are no two diamonds which will have the same level of clarity. The clearer the diamond the higher is its price. If a diamond has more inclusions in it then its price falls .But this can only be determined by a jeweler or under microscope. To a normal person it would have no difference from the other.

Caret is a word known to all. The greater the caret count of the diamond the higher would be its value. A 2 caret diamond will cost more than two diamonds of one caret studded together.

Apart from these details, keep in mind to buy the diamond from a reputed and branded store to avoid fake diamonds. Also take a look at your budget before setting your eyes on the diamonds because your eyes might hold onto a diamond which has all the 4C’s higher and the price too.

With these things in mind buy a diamond to be cherished for generations.