Different Diamond Cuts One Should Know About

Diamond, though an allotropic form of the non-metal carbon, possesses the ability to win the hearts of millions. Especially if you’re dealing with ladies, it is sure to put forward the wonders that it can do. Well, who won’t fall for such a dazzling and ostentatious piece of jewellery! However, there exist certain mystifying facts wrapped about diamonds. One should be well-acquainted with the various cuts that a diamond is given. It is so because, apart from deciding the look of the stone, the cuts also hold special meanings with them.

Diamonds are mostly recovered from the alluvial soil. Diamond, in its untreated form, has ambiguous shape, but to refine its beauty, it undergoes several procedures, shaping and polishing being the major ones of them. It is during these processes that a diamond is given a particular cut or design as is so called. Cut given to a diamond determines the brilliance of reflection that it will acquire. A poorly cut diamond is seen to have fewer glazes.

A diamond has numerous properties, and a wide variety of cuts have been introduced to make the best use of those properties of diamond. The brilliance of a diamond is, however, has two broad classifications namely internal and external brilliance. The piece of stone also undergoes total internal reflection is order to emerge as the most charismatic nugget.

Though the cut determines the brilliance of the diamond, it is keenly associated with the symmetry acquired by the stone. Which particular shape can be acquired by a diamond depends on some factors. Few of them being:
  • Original shape of the obtained rough stone
  • The carat weight conserved by the stone
  • The position of internal inclusions
  • The shape popular among buyers

However, a cut given to diamond is often befuddled with the shape acquired by it. Both are completely different from each other. Where the shape of a diamond refers to the manifestation of the stone, cut, on the other hand, signifies the stone’s ability to imitate brightness.

Round brilliant is the most chosen and popular cut and shape of a diamond. Astoundingly, it has been found that three-fourth of the diamonds sold acquire round brilliant shape and cut. The sheerness in reflecting light and arresting shape make these diamonds the most popular ones.

The other popular cuts given to a diamond include:
  • Hearts and Arrows – This is the phenomenon used in round brilliant shaped diamonds
  • The Passion Cut – It stands to be exactly converse of the hearts and arrows cut
  • Fancy Cuts – Used mostly for oddly shaped crystals. They are of four different types
  1. Modified Brilliants – It is the most admired among fancy cuts. This cut greatly resembles the brilliant round
  2. Step Cuts – Stones possessing rectangular or square delineates and rectilinear facades are seen to be given these shapes
  3. Mixed Cuts – They use the procedures of both modified brilliants and step cuts. Princess cut is the most successful mixed cut
  4. Rose and Mogul Cut – They form the bunch of antique jewellery and are hardly seen these days.

Diamonds are forever they say. These cuts give them the sheer brilliance.