Engagement Rings Design

Engagement rings come in a variety of different designs and styles, to naturally meet the tastes of the market. Of course, they also tend to range vastly in price, so the trick is trying to find the style and stone you’re looking for at a price that’s well within your budget. Broadly speaking, there are a few general categories of style that encompass most engagement rings – plain and elegant, and what we call ‘over the top’.

Plain and Elegant
Plain and elegant style engagement rings are your basic, down-to-earth styles. A circular band with a simple stone, or perhaps even a simple collection of stones, can look just as glamorous, if not more so, than more intricate and ‘loud’ rings that are available. If you’re going for elegance, there’s nothing better than plain and simple white gold with one large diamond. Don’t be fooled by their more straightforward appearance – this kind of style can often rack up more of a bill that more intricate models, and tend to use higher quality materials to make up for less workmanship and jeweller involvement.

Over The Top
Whilst ‘over the top’ may have negative connotations, it is used in this sense to describe elaborate, intricate jewellery that involves complex craftsman shift and just demands to be admired. Some of these designs include a number of different stones of different colours, two-tone bands of different precious metals and a variety of other innovations and design features. Over the top rings are far more likely to be unique in their stylings as compared to most other rings available on the market which can provide that degree of exclusivity. Additionally, if you spend money on one of these rings it’ll show through the complexity of the design and setting of the stones.

Which To Choose?
The answer depends on both your personal taste and that of your partner. Whatever your budget, you should be able to find plenty of options in both categories, although it’s a good idea to find out what your partner actually likes before making any decision. Try to take photos of your partner’s existing rings to take in to the jewellers, or look at what kind of styles she seems to prefer – putting in this kind of research work might just pay off when it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring design.