How To Choose A Perfect Diamond Ring

Decided to gift a diamond ring to your girl? Choosing the right engagement diamond ring has always been a major headache for all guys. Diamond ring designs are a great craze among the women population, and each one’s preference vary. To help you here are few easy to follow tips, have a look on it and know how to choose a perfect ring for your girl:

While choosing a diamond ring, you must consider two components: the band and the stone. The band might be of silver, yellow as well as white gold and platinum. If you want to present your spouse a unique ring then white gold or platinum band is the perfect one. These metals enhance the look of diamond.

Second is the stone, diamond which is the most precious gemstone. To find the perfect diamond you must consider the following points:

• Finishing i.e. the cut of the diamond. Cut must determine the design and brilliance of a diamond. To check the cut you must decide the shape of a diamond. Diamond available in many shapes that includes round, pear, heart, square and more.

• To check the clearness and purity of the diamond you have to check its grade. Diamond is ranked according to their clarity such as the diamond ranked F represents flawless whereas I represent inclusions.

• Next is the color, select a diamond that is from white to yellow. There are grades for colors also. Diamonds with grade J, K and L has stunning beauty.

• Choose a diamond which weighs .20 grams.

Follow the above steps and select a perfect diamond ring for your better half. Since diamonds are a symbol of conjugal affection, every woman likes to wear it.