Know About The Origin Of Pink Diamond

Diamond is a perfect and ultimate gemstone for all occasions. Most people buy diamond ring that is white in color. Diamonds are available in different colors and design. Let’s have a look on pink diamond that is rarely available:

The largest pink diamond in the world is Darya-i-Nur or Sea of light which weighs 175 carats. Do you know all pink diamonds weighing 50 points or more a gem identification certificate is available upon request? According to the intensity, pink diamonds are graded. If the diamond is purplish pink it is graded as PP, for pink P and so on. These diamonds have intense, strong, medium, light, very light and blush intensity. These diamonds are also preferred by cynosure, for instance, US singer Jennifer Lopez whipped out a whopping 6 carat pink diamond engagement ring.

Naturally occurring pink diamonds are relatively rare and fancy pink diamonds are quite unusual. If you are deciding to propose your girl or else getting married go for pink diamond ring that will make your proposal as well as engagement remarkable. No matter which model you select it is the stone that makes the ring auspicious and beautiful. Every woman likes diamond rings and jewels. They wish if her spouse gift a diamond jewel on their anniversary or wedding. Its price is not so large that only celebrities can afford it.

Pink diamonds have been long heralded as one of the preferable gemstones. Get an amazing diamond ring for your girl and make her very happy.