Know About Top 3 Engagement Rings

Planning to buy a diamond ring for your engagement? Do you know why diamond rings are given as engagement rings? Diamonds are considered as the symbol of pure love and start of their life journey. Before shop for diamonds rings, it is wiser to know about the top three designs of engagement diamond rings. Let us see that,

Oval heart design: Oval shaped diamonds give an elegant, classy, sophisticated and gorgeous look to your girl. It adds more beauty and attraction and it will silently express your love to your beloved one.

Heart design: “One love, one heart, one destiny.” says Bob Marley. Often all bridegrooms and brides wishes to express their love via diamond rings. As your engagement rings, you can go ahead with heart shaped diamond ring which represents your love and romance to your loved one. Nowadays, these rings are available with platinum bands, even though these rings are expensive; bridegrooms are stepping behind this ring to express the love to their girl.

Round design: Next is brilliant round shaped diamond. It is one of the stylish and classy diamond rings which usually liked by all modern girls.  It expresses the love and proposal of your marriage. These rings are come with platinum band, yellow band, and white band. When compare with other two designs, this rings is little bit expensive.

Now, I hope that you might know about the three popular designs of engagement rings. Choose the right rings for your bride and make your engagement remarkable.