On Which Finger You Should Wear A Ring?

Today most populace wears rings as a symbol of true love, or commitment towards a new relationship. Nowadays, we see adults and even kids wearing rings on all fingers and even in thumb. But do you know what is the meaning of each finger? If “NO”, then have a look on the following:

  • Meaning of thumb rings: We all know that thumb represents the logic of success, man power and power of creative thinking. It also symbolizes strength, independent thought and freedom.
  • Meaning of index finger rings: Index finger represent authority and ambition. Do you know, most of the kings, priests, and healers wore rings on index finger because index finger is considered to be more powerful and to demonstrate assertiveness or power.
  • Meaning of middle finger rings: As the center of the hand, middle finger represents materialism and identity. People who wear rings in their middle finger often have the desire to be the center of attention.
  • Meaning of ring finger rings: As the name indicates, it is the right and perfect finger to wear rings. Wearing ring in the ring finger represents emotion, creativity and love. Most wedding couples wear their engagement diamond rings in this finger to represent their everlasting love and commitment.
  • Meaning of little finger rings: Wearing rings in the little finger means relationship. Ring on the little finger represents confidence in your business and also it is the symbol of strength and bonding towards others.

I hope that I’ve helped you in understand what the meaning of fingers for rings is. Wear your ring in the right finger and express your self-confidence and thoughts.