Prominent Tips to Spot out the Quality of your Diamond

Diamond RingDiamond rings are considered as the symbol of pure love. This is the reason why diamond is used as engagement rings. If you are planning to present a diamond ring for your girl, then it is wiser to know about to spot out the quality diamond. Do you know how to find out the best quality diamond? If not, then read this article, to know the simple tips to pick the quality diamond.

  • When you see the diamond with naked eye it seems that all the diamonds are similar. But do you know each and every diamond differ in shape, size and cut. One of the most important aspects is cut of the diamond since the glitter and gorgeous look of the diamond depends on these cut of the diamond. Among all type of diamonds, Ashoka diamond is the popularly known diamond.
  • Since diamonds come in different shapes and size, you may get confused about the reality of its nature. Know about the weight of your diamonds to ensure that it is a real one.
  • Make a transparency test with your diamonds to know its reality. Let us have the test with a newspaper. If you are able to read the letters of the newspaper through your diamond, you can ensure that the diamond is not real.
  • You need to go straight in jewelry shop for purchasing your diamond ring to check whether it is real. If you do so you may get a chance to ensure its quality by lifting it or by requesting for a certificate to ensure that it is real.

There are wide varieties of diamonds and by knowing about these tips you can choose your own diamond of high quality.