The Unknown Facts About Diamond

You might be wearing a diamond ring now, but have you ever thought how diamonds are originated? Do you want to know its amazing facts? Let’s have a look on the unknown facts about diamond briefly:

  • The biggest diamond in the universe is Lucy, a crystalline white dwarf star. It weighs nearly 10 billion trillion trillion carat. Technically it is known as BPM 37093.
  • Do you know diamonds are not colored from their origin? It is the impurities that give diamond the respective shades such as blue, red, orange, yellow etc. Though diamonds are found in abundance, only 20% are suitable for jewelry.
  • Gold and diamond carats are different. 24 carat gold is said to be pure gold whereas a diamond weighing 200 milligrams (0.007055 oz) is said to be pure.
  • One interesting facts about diamond is that they are carried to the surface by volcanic eruptions.
  • In earliest days, diamonds are used to polish axes which are made from corundum. After diamond, corundum is the second hardest substance on earth.
  • Cheapest diamond in the world is the emerald cut diamond.
  • Do you believe if I say diamonds are not the most expensive gemstones? Yes, diamonds are cheaper than high quality ruby gemstones. Quality ruby gemstones are over $30,000.
  • To produce a single one carat diamond, 250 tons of earth is mined.

There are lot more facts about diamond. When you buy a diamond ring remember its amazing facts and pride yourself. Diamond is a perfect gift on engagement and marriage.