Top three most preferable diamond rings

Even though diamond is one of the precious metals in the world, people are willing to purchase and wear it as jewel. Diamond rings are mostly preferred on many occasions such as marriage, love proposals, engagement and birthday and so on. Rings are available for the above categories with the specific significance. Let us have a look on the three varieties of diamond ring:

Engagement diamond rings are designed for expressing the love and affection towards your partner. These rings are made with big sized diamonds or other precious gemstones which are more adorable. This type of rings is presented either on the day of engagement or while love proposals. Heart shaped diamonds are more welcomed by the people. Because people who express their love with heart shaped diamond rings feel that they are exchanging their heart with each other.
Marriage rings were broad and plain in earlier days. Nowadays, marriage rings are also designed similar to engagement rings. These rings have three stones on the setting which represent the past, present and future. And also these rings are durable which indicates that the couples have strong relation forever.
Archetypal solitaire diamond rings are designed with sharp prong setting for holding the diamonds perfectly. Generally, these rings have four, six or eight prongs to hold the diamonds in position. Friendship rings are so simple which does not indicate any love feelings. Hence, this type of rings is designed with designs that are inspired by nature.

Diamond ring is the perfect blend of love and trust. If you decide to propose your girl, try to have a perfect diamond ring.