Types of Diamond Rings for Different Occasions

Diamonds are the most popular and expensive jewelry sought by women. Nowadays, even men prefer white diamond rings to express his love to his girl or to his beloved love. Do you know why? Diamonds are considered as the symbol of true as well as pure love. Now let’s look how diamonds are classified based on occasions.

  • Engagement rings: This is one of the most popular usages of diamond rings. If a man present a diamond ring to a girl along with the proposal of marriage, if she accepts the rings then it indicates that the acceptance of his proposal. Thereafter, she wears the rings as symbol that she is engaged. Traditionally, engagement rings are designed with gold bands with a white diamond stone at the center. But nowadays, gold bands are replaced by platinum bands. Even though they are expensive, bride or bride grooms are not stepping back because they are in need of prefect way to express their love to their beloved one and found that presenting rings are the best.
  • Wedding rings: Yes, you’re right. As the name indicates these rings are used for wedding. During wedding the bridegroom worn this rings to thebride as the symbol of their life journey. Nowadays, people are using rings made with bands of platinum, palladium, white gold or yellow gold based on their financial status.
  • Anniversary rings: Usually men prefer this type of rings to express their everlasting love to their beloved one. These rings are come with different shapes like heart and other symbols of love.

Like these diamond rings are classified based on occasions. Choose the right ring and express your love to your loved one.