What To Look For In Wedding Diamonds Rings

Wedding rings with diamonds are a special breed. Traditionally the wedding ring itself is plain, and sits on top of the engagement ring on the ring finger. However there is a growing trend towards styling wedding rings in order to create an appearance akin to that of a plain engagement ring, which poses similar problems when looking for a good quality wedding ring. If this is what your partner wants, it’s a good idea first of all to know what you’re looking for in your wedding ring with diamonds prior to making your selection.

What You’re Looking For

Precious Metal Band – the band of the ring should really be some kind of precious metal, preferably in a style and colour that your partner traditionally likes to wear

Clear, Sharp-Cut Stones – the stones should be sharply and accurately cut in order to have that smooth, glamorous appearance. This is more obvious in some stones than in others, but it is something to look out for nevertheless when buying your ring.

Ring-size – a tricky one for most men, the ring size is crucial. Is the ring you’re about to drop a few grand on likely to fit your wife-in-the-making? Or is it going to be a little too tight, in which case it will be of absolutely no use whatsoever. To avoid destroying the element of surprise, measure her existing rings using coins as comparisons – then head in to the jewellers and describe the size in relation to the coins you have used. This is a great way of getting the size spot-on without having to ask too many questions.

Ring housing – how well does the ring seem to be put together? The ring housing is probably the best way to gauge overall workmanship, so examine how well the stones are fitted to get an overall idea of the quality you’re buying

Warranties/Repair Plans – this one is a must, especially if you’re spending heavily on a particular ring. If the stone falls out or if the band snaps unexpectedly, this could save you a pretty penny in repair bills and will also make sure you’re getting a better deal for your money.

Reputability – is the jeweller in question well respected and well established? If so, this should also help ensure you have a better idea of the kind of quality to expect

Exchange Policy – if your partner doesn’t like the ring, it’s important that you have the fall back option of an exchange. Make sure you check that you can get a cash exchange rather than a credit note however, just in case you’re wife-to-be is picky and doesn’t like any of the available rings, in which case you might end up heavily out of pocket.