Beware Cheap Engagement Rings!

Engagements and weddings are as good as profanities for those on a tight budget. Very seldom do they signify a low-cost, low profile affair, which makes the bank balances of the groom and the father of the bride tremble. A common way to try to cut the costs of an engagement is to look for a cheap engagement ring. However, there are a number of obvious drawbacks with cheaper engagement rings which must be taken into account before purchasing one for your partner.

Drawbacks of Cheap Rings

Poor Quality – cheap rings are usually poorly made using low quality metal alloys which can break and deform with wear. Remember that an engagement ring is designed for life, so your purchase should reflect that rather than your current bank balance.

Symbolic problems – what does giving a cheap ring say about you? For one thing, your partner may take it as a sign that you are less than committed about the relationship or may see it as reflective of your personality. Make sure you only buy a cheap ring if you really have to, and that your partner is well aware of your reasons behind it.

Appearance – cheap rings don’t look good. That’s just a fact of life – from the bands to the stones, cheap rings invariably look cheap, and this will be identified from a mile off when your partner goes to show her ring to relatives and friends. Again, it’s all about creating a positive impression.

Lack of aftercare – jewellers who sell cheap rings tend to be more sales orientate than craft orientate, which means you can expect a poor aftercare service and very little warranty. After all, you get what you pay for.

Durability – cheap rings don’t usually stand the test of time, and can begin to rust early or weaken at the stone housing. With cheap rings, chances are they’re going to fail a couple of years into the marriage with daily use which will ultimately require a repair bill and a great deal of inconvenience.

Poor Stones and Setup – the stone quality in cheap engagement rings is rarely high, which means you might end up with some less pure or less well cut than another, more expensive ring. Again, it’s these details that really do make or break an engagement ring, and this can leave them looking cheap and tacky.